Glenn Weiss
Consultant for Public Art, Streetscapes and Civic Enhancements

For cities, neighborhoods and business districts, Weiss designs and implements arts and landscape programs to beautify public space and to expand community engagement.  Through temporary public art projects, he founded the public art program for the Time Square business district between 2008-2011. With streetscape design and community plans in suburban cities, he led the downtown districts through the design of new landscaping and pathways with outdoor sculptures between 2002-2008.  Teaching city planning at FAU, he specialized in neighborhood plans and landscape design for pedestrians outdoors in hot, humid climates.  

Below are links to a series of projects developed and managed by him and his essays and blogs available online.   

Online Links for Glenn Weiss
Public Art Consultant
Starting in mid-1980s in New York and Seattle, Weiss has worked with artists, communities and muncipalities to develop public art programs of both temporary and permanent artworks in the public realm. Below are links to some examples of his work.  

Coral Springs Public Art Master Plan

Delray Beach Public Art Master Plan

Pineapple Grove Artwalk

Miami Beach Public Art Master Plan

Winning $5 million Grant Proposal for Hollywood Arts Park

Workforce Housing Plan for downtown Fort Lauderdale

Broward County Public Art Program Goals
2008 - 2011
Times Square Alliance Public Art Program
Weiss founded and directed a program of public art in Times Square including performance, sculpture and billboards for the Times Square Alliance. More than 30 projects and 200 artists in 3 years.   

Times Square Public Art: 2008-2011

Delray Beach Cultural Loop
Developed with the artistic leadership of Rick Lowe of Project Row Houses in Houston, the Cultural Loop linked the black and white, rich and poor, english and creole nieghborhoods of downtown Delray Beach, Florida. The project was organized with the assistance of and carried forward by Lori Durante.
Essays on
18 months of blog essays on public art worldwide and new urbanism in the United States


Photo Essays
Ground Paintings
InHouston in 2012, Weiss created large scale public paintings on the asphalt surfaces of parking lots and roadways. 

Circles, Crosses and Rectangles

Boteh Carpet Patterns
Ramses Wissa Wassef Tapestries
Weiss is the North American representative for the Ramses Wissa Wassef Art Center, south of Cairo, Egypt.  Founded and designed by architect Ramses Wissa Wassef, local Egyptian artists have woven unique folk tapestries describing the village life and the environment along the Nile River since the 1950s.   

Ramses Wissa Wissef Art Centre Website

Purchase Tapestries

Pinterest Site with many Images from 60 Years

Active Facebook Page

Ramses Wissa Wassef Tapestry
Hollyhocks by Nagah Ibrahim, 2011 (Detail)


Click to see paintings by my wife, Maria Foladori
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